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The recently-adopted Ordinance 18 114, also known as “Bill 108,” regulates short term vacation rentals(STVR) in Hawai‘i County. 

The Bill stipulates that an on-island reachable person must be listed on the application and posted in the Short Term Vacation Rental Property.

Owner/Reachable Person Responsibilities. The Owner or Reachable Person shall:

(1) Reside in the County of Hawai‘i;

(2) Be reachable by guests, neighbors, and County agencies on a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) days per-week basis; 

(3) Be able to respond via telephone to a request from a guest, neighbor or County agency within one (1) hour of receiving that request and by physically present at the STVR within three (3) hours of receiving a call from a guest, neighbor or County agency, when that guest, neighbor, or County agency requests the presence of the reachable person;

"Bill 108" Reachable Person Services

We will act as your reachable person in the Kailua Kona area to comply with the new Hawaii County Bill 108 reachable person responsibilities.

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