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Self-Manage Your Rental Property

We provide subscription services to off-island Hawaii long term rental (LTR) and short-term vacation rental (STVR) owners. We help you comply with Hawaii’s Residential Landlord-Tenant Code and Hawaii County STVR Ordinance 18 114, also known as “Bill 108”. We are not property managers.The client is responsible for managing his/her property(ies). All real estate activities, like renting or offering to rent your property are your responsibility.

Need help filing your STVR Application?

We offer STVR Application consulting. Please contact us for more information.

Hawaii County STVR Application Packet

Subscription Services(County of Hawaii Only)

On-Island Agent/Local Contact

  • Listed as a designated on-island agent/local contact on your behalf and to assist with the collection of taxes for your rental property(ies) (only when client is unavailable).
  • Listed as an on-island contact in case of an emergency or natural disaster, or to answer any questions, concerns, or property issues that arise (only when client is unavailable).

On-Island Reachable Person

  • Reachable by guests, neighbors, and County agencies on a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) days per-week basis (only when client is unavailable).
  • Respond via telephone to a request from a guest, neighbor or County agency within one (1) hour of receiving that request(only when client is unavailable) and be physically present(extra fees apply-see below) at the STVR within three (3) hours of receiving a call from a guest, neighbor or County agency, when that guest, neighbor, or County agency requests the presence of the reachable person.

On-Island Agent/Local Contact and Reachable Person

  • All services listed above

Subscription Fees & Extra Fees

(Subscriptions are paid Annually)

  • On-Island Agent/Local Contact Only: $99 annually.
  • Reachable Person Only: $99 annually.
  • On-Island Agent/Local Contact and Reachable Person: $149 annually. 
  • Extra Fees: Requests to be Physically present at your rental property (only with client’s preapproval): $25 per hour plus mileage (currently $.58 per mile).
Hawaii Form BB-1 GET & TAT License